Communication and Negotiation Skills

///Communication and Negotiation Skills
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Project Description

To enable delegates to conduct principled negotiations with suppliers, customers or internal colleagues resulting in successful outcomes that further relationships and benefit both parties.

  • Understand the key skills and processes necessary for successful negotiations.

  • Develop a range of effective influencing and persuasion skills that will enable you to enter any negotiation with confidence.

  • Work with an effective negotiation structure that will enable you to apply your new skills.

  • Understand how power works in any given negotiation and how to build your power base.

  • Understand the value of planning and preparation to achieve win/win results.

  • Identify established ploys that are used by professional negotiators and how to counteract them effectively.

  • To develop a personal action plan for each delegate that applies the skills learnt to the benefit of the individual and the organisation.

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Duration: 3 Days

Trainer: International

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