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Project Description

This is a 4-day program with practical applications in Excel. Prepared spreadsheets will be provided for all delegates. Those who are unfamiliar with Microsoft Excel will be shown how to use these for calculation purposes.

Delegates will complete the program with knowledge of how to use credit derivatives for both hedging and speculative purposes, together with an understanding of the risks associated with the use, abuse, or failure to use these instruments

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  • To develop an understanding of different credit derivative instruments: credit default swaps, credit-linked notes, credit index products, collateralized debt obligations

    • What they are

    • How they can be used for hedging and speculation

    • How they are priced

  • Establishment of personal action plans for each delegate to apply acquired skills for increased personal    and organizational performance.

  • Follow up of personal action plans to ensure application to the workplace.

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Duration: 4 Days

Trainer: International

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