Hedging Financial Risks

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Project Description

A 4-day program with practical applications in Excel. Prepared spreadsheets will be provided for all delegates. Those who are unfamiliar with Microsoft Excel will be shown how to use these for calculation purposes.

Program Aim

Delegates will complete the program with the knowledge of:

     1. How to recognize different types of financial risk.

     2. How to assess which risks should be carried by their organization and which risks should be  transferred to outside parties.

    3. Which tools are available to transfer that risk.

    4. How to choose between the different tools.

    5. How to assess the success of the hedging program.

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   1. Development of the ability to identify and assess the financial risks carried by an organization.

     2. Creation of the capacity to construct a hedging strategy for appropriate financial risks.

     3. Establishment of personal action plans for each delegate to apply acquired skills for increased  personal and organizational performance.

     4. Follow up of personal action plans to ensure application to the workplace.

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Duration: 4 Days

Trainer: International

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