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Project Description

This course is comprised of 4 Days of program that can be treated as a single program or separate days to meet individual development needs

Program Aim

To provide managers with the knowledge required to develop skills over a broad range of areas, or within specific areas, to meet the demands placed on them by the 21st Century workplace.

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  • To introduce, develop and practice leadership skills and techniques in the following areas

    •      The difference between leadership and management

    •      Strategic leadership activities

    •      Leadership style

    •      Understanding people

    •      Types and causes of change

    •      Creating conditions for effective change

    •      Managing individuals through change

    •      Linking performance management to strategy

    •      Creating a contract for performance and development

    •      Performance management tools and techniques

    •      Managing time and priorities effectively

  • Establishment of personal action plans for each delegate to apply acquired skills for increased personal and organizational performance.

  • Follow up of personal action plans to ensure application to the workplace.

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Duration: 4 Days

Trainer: International

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