The Balanced Scorecard to Improve Performance

///The Balanced Scorecard to Improve Performance
The Balanced Scorecard to Improve Performance 2018-04-05T18:53:09+00:00

Project Description

Program Aim

  • To develop an understanding of how the Balanced Scorecard can drive improved organizational performance by linking strategy to key operational processes.

  • To give delegates practical skills to develop and implement a balanced scorecard in their organization.

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  • The course combines Balanced Scorecard theory with work on case studies to enable delegates to:

    • Understand the organizational need for a Balanced Scorecard.

    •  Understand the structure and typical content of a Balanced Scorecard.

    •  Understand the link between the scorecard and achieving organizational strategy

    •  Drive the strategy down through the organization

    • Develop the four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard for an organization

    • Plan for the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard

    • Recognize and overcome barriers to the implementation and use of the Balanced Scorecard

  • Establishment of personal action plans for each delegate to apply acquired skills for increased personal and organizational performance.

  • Follow up of personal action plans to ensure application to the workplace.

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Duration: 3 Days

Trainer: International

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