Using Business Intelligence to Add Value and Gain Advantage

///Using Business Intelligence to Add Value and Gain Advantage
Using Business Intelligence to Add Value and Gain Advantage 2018-04-05T12:17:26+00:00

Project Description

Program Aim

The development of skills, technologies, applications and practices used to help delegates acquire a better understanding of their business’s commercial context and thus enhance their individual decision making skills.

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  • To introduce, develop and practice Business Intelligence (BI) skills and to become familiar with the common BI technologies:

    • Reporting techniques using Excel as the reporting medium

    • Benchmarking: The process of comparing the cost, productivity, etc. to another that is widely considered to be an industry standard or best practice. The result is often a business case for making changes in order to make improvements.

    • Introduction to OLAP (On-Line Analytical Programming) as an essential BI technology and the demise of the traditional database OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) method of processing

    • An introduction to Data mining: The process of extracting hidden patterns from data

  • Establishment of personal action plans for each delegate to apply acquired skills for increased personal and organizational performance.

  • Follow up of personal action plans to ensure application to the workplace.

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Duration: 5 Days

Trainer: International

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