Now you can get your MBA UK degree
without the need to travel from your country

This program is designed to further develops candidates’ career in Business and management. It covers wide range of contemporary issues and develops the critical, analytical and technical skills needed by senior management staff. The program will also develop the academic skills required for further study at postgraduate level. This program comprises of two stages as following

Stage One

The candidate studies at classroom (face to face), delivered by international professors and lectures. It contains (8) units, 2 of them assessed by (exam) only, and the rest (6) units assessed by assignment only. The candidates can select 6 units out of the (8) units to finish his or her first stage and receive NCC education level 7 diploma in Business Management, (120 credits).


Stage 2

In this stage the candidate applies for master’s degree to complete his or her research work with the selected university such as: Plymouth university and Worcester university.

Part of this course is delivered in a 2-week intensive study block on campus at the university of Worcester during which the candidate will study a Research Methods module (20) credits. The candidate will then complete the Dissertation module (40) credits through distance learning in his or her country.

University progression:

MBA Area of Specialization

The candidate can select his own area of specialization (only Plymouth university), during his research work from any of the following:

Delivery Method?

The program delivered face to face classes attended at CMAS center with flexible timetable.

Why Joining MBA Program?

Gain higher salary

Go for PhD

Leads in an emerging field

Start own business

New skill and knowledge acquisition

Reasons to study Level 7 top-up program

Qualifications and Accreditation