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Project Description

Course Overview

English Language Framework (ELF) is aimed at developing learners’ ability to communicate in an international arena in English. It aims to create an opportunity for non-native speaker to perform on equal level to native speakers in both academic and professional environments.

English Language Framework Programme Structure

Each level gives you the opportunity to investigate and understand the workings of the English language. It also helps to develop your ability to communicate orally and in writing in areas of direct relevance to you in current and the future roles, both as a student and as a professional.

In addition to it, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are covered in each level, along with a focus on vocabulary acquisition and grammar. You can expect classes to include activities such as role-plays, presentations, summaries, discussion and group work, along with appropriate private study time. As a result, the programme will increase your confidence, linguistic accuracy and competence.

Delivery Method

This programme is taught face-to-face, through lectures, tutorials and seminars.

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