Student Testimonials

Undoubtedly, CMAS has a fleet of Professors/Lecturers who are highly-qualified professionals in their respective domains. Thus students get realistic insights into the professional world along with their core studies. It adds more value when students get to study internationally designed syllabus under tutelage of these teachers.

Abdul Rehman Shoro, L5 DB Student

Thanks GOD, I finished my Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management successfully. I have the feeling that I made the right choice by joining CMAS. The administration staff were so friendly and supportive. They spared no efforts in helping me during my study journey.  I had the pleasure of being taught by distinguished modules’ instructors especially Dr. Salisu who did great efforts for all the students.

I’m highly recommending everyone who is willing to study MBA to make the same choice!

Ashraf El Zoheri, MBA Candidate

For students like me who opted not to leave their country, CMAS is an excellent option to earn British Degree because it provides service platform to deliver flexible and integrated education solutions.

Ahsen Hanif, L5 DB Student

I am enjoying studying in this center. The professors are amazing. Living in Jeddah and getting an opportunity to get a degree from UK, is the best thing.

Redda Nadeem, L5 DB Student

Firstly, this is the best option for students not leaving the country. Moreover, it’s fun to study here including me as a student. The teachers are great and have high levels of professionalism. Not only the classrooms are clean but they are also small which is a good thing is because the classes won’t be packed with a bunch of students. To conclude, I believe any student not going abroad should study here at CMAS and I, myself, very satisfied overall studying here.

Adham Arshad Khan, L5 DB Student